Unicorn Latte from “The End” in Brooklyn.

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you hear the theme song to “the golden girls?” That feeling when you see a puppy or a baby? Well that’s how I felt after taking my first sip of the unicorn latte. This past weekend was a fatiguing one. Not physically but mentally. The hate, political rants, and outright negativity on social media was disheartening. So many people divided, so much anger. When I think of my childhood I often remember the days of running around the playground at school playing unicorns. We literally just ran around pretending to be unicorns. My mom made me a unicorn costume when I was 8 and at 34 I dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween. Something about how mystical and majestic they are that makes me happy.

Monday was the day. The day to hop on the L and head to Brooklyn for some vegan sprinkles and happiness in a cup. I went with my co-worker Joe. The coffee shop we were looking for is called “The End.” It was less than a block from the lorimer subway stop.

The first thing that caught my eye when we walked in was the word, “Montauk.” I thought to myself what does Montauk have to do with this coffee place? That’s when we met the owners Madeleine Murphy and Bret Caretsky. They explained that they grew up there and wanted to bring their fresh pressed juices to Brooklyn. They own “Montauk Juice Factory” on the East End of Long Island. Summers there are poppin. A place you stop to grab some juice after soaking in the summer sun. Madeleine explained how juicing helped her family in so many ways. The health benefits it served to one family member who  was fighting cancer and the way it helped another family member wean themselves off drinking eight cups of coffee a day. They wanted to bring the care free beach vibe to their coffee house in Brooklyn. A place where people can decompress their minds and lower their anxiety. With the help of some plant based drinks of course.

They brought pieces of Montauk with them in the form of products created by their friends at the end of the island. From apparel….


To apothecary products….

To juices…..

and accessories made by her 16-year-old relative. She had the cutest chokers and I totally forgot to buy one before I left.

How great is this hat?

One of their mottos is “your intuition led you here.” Amen to that.


The task at hand was to try the “unicorn latte.”

It’s made with lemon, ginger, coconut milk, honey, live green blue algae and dusted with tumeric & pomegranate powder. Completely worth the trip to Brooklyn. Aside from the healing aspects of drinking it, it soothed my raging mind. The flavor was reminiscent of the leftover milk from eating a bowl of fruity pebbles. Not too sweet and so delicious. I could totally sit there alone in the coffee shop, sipping a latte and reflecting on the good old days. You can’t feel anything other than joy at “the end.” Which ironically is how I’d like the the real end to be. Full of joy.

I also ordered the Bonfire latte. It’s made of carrot, apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon, cayenne and a splash of coconut milk. The bonfire latte warmed my heart. Well my throat and chest really. Maddy said she drinks it when she has a sore throat. Plus apple cider vinegar seems to be all the rage lately.

Check out those vegan sprinkles.


This is one viral sensation I’ll return to. Madeleine and Bret are good people. People that have worked hard and have faith in their products. Joe and I could have stayed all afternoon talking to them. They come from great family roots and welcomed us with open arms. If you feel like you need a little unicorn magic in your life head to “The end.”



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