Radio and Fashion collide.

New York fashion week is still in full swing! You can view the various looks and remaining schedules at .

The radio station put together a contest where people could submit their #OOTD on Instagram to win passes to the Leanne Marshall show, this past Saturday. #OOTD stands for “Outfit of the day.” I couldn’t believe I got to go too. I searched feverishly for an outfit that was worthy of such an affair. I had never been to a “NY Fashion Week” show before. I basically live in yoga pants and Nikes. What was I going to wear?  It was a 3pm show but I wasn’t about to go in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. This is the elite fashion world. Much like when I go to a Broadway show, I try to show respect by dressing appropriately. I found a chic sexy black top and a leather skirt at Urban Outfitters. The leather skirt was a suggestion made by a girl named Ella, who was working the fitting room. Why didn’t i think of that? Oh yeah, I’m in radio and she goes to FIT. I tried to squeeze my big hips into the only skirt they had left, a small. I looked like a sausage link. Not to mention, I couldn’t breath it was so tight. Ella called the Urban store on Broadway and they had a medium. They put it on hold for 24 hours. I literally ran there the next day after work. When I got to the store it wasn’t on hold. But luck was on my side because I found it in the sale section. Yes, the sale section. The original price tag was $70, I paid $30. On my way home I stopped by a few salons to price out the cost of getting my hair braided. I was feeling adventurous. My hair is my only accessory. I have to work it. After a few salons gave me a quote of $150, I was over the idea. But then I stopped by David Ryan salon on my way to the laundromat later that day. $70 was their quote. It seemed reasonable considering how much hair I have. I rationalized it by figuring it was the difference of what I saved on the leather skirt. So there it was, my entire outfit planned. Then Saturday morning arrives and its -1 degree outside. It was too darn cold to have bare legs. But there was no way I was going to miss my hair appointment. I was off to see Kiki at .

I said, “I’ll take three, any way.”


Lauren and I picked out our outfits together. Trying on what felt like 100 things. We needed to look fashionable but not get hypothermia.

We caught an Uber with my co-worker Jayde and her friend Ashely. Then headed downtown to meet with the winners at


They were the most wonderful women. Melissa from NYC, Tasnia from Brooklyn, Melissa from Edison NJ, Yasmin from Mt Arlington, Ashley from Brick NJ and Lydia from Chelsea. It was a first for all of us except Lydia. She goes to FIT and wants to have her own fashion line one day. Oh and we later discovered we’re from the same hometown. Also graduated from the same high school. Just a decade apart.

Ashley was missing a friends baby shower and it was Yasmin’s daughters birthday. The things we do for fashion!

A few of the girls met these fellas who were hanging at the bar. They have their own company called, . Wipes for your balls. Napkins for the male jewels. Jayde is currently working on getting them to send us some samples. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

We took a round of fireball shots to warm up and were off to the show!


The show was at a cool venue called

We got ushered in like a herd of cattle. My eyes couldn’t move fast enough to check out everyones outfits. Once we found our seat, we ran to the front for a photo op.



It was time to take our seat. Before the show started a photographer asked if he could photograph my hair! I haven’t been that flattered in a long time. Hell yeah, snap away!


The lights went down and it was show time.

The models strutted by and seemed apathetic. How they kept that straight face is a talent. I couldn’t tell you the exact style but the dresses were gorgeous.


My favorite was this black and mustard yellow combination.


And just like that the show was over. Maybe 10 minutes.


Here is the designer, Leanne Marshall.FullSizeRender.jpg

Looking around I realized, fashion is and always will be a tool for self-expression. I don’t regret frantically looking for an outfit. But now I know for next time, anything goes.

This man represents what it is all about. If you don’t know the story behind Stacy Dash, heres a little background,



After the show we all grabbed a bite to eat. I chowed down on chicken fingers and sweet potato tater tots. Looking at those models made me hungry. So much fun chatting with these beautiful women. We even practiced our model walk!


Our last stop was at Mickey Spillane’s in Hells Kitchen for a nightcap.


There was a false fire alarm. But as I turned and looked out the window it hit me, NYC is a runway everyday. Check out those models. IMG_1685

XOXO, Annie


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