“Hit Me” chocolate cake at “Catch.”

Once upon a time we heard about outstanding food through word of mouth. Now, it’s what becomes a viral sensation on social media that gets us in the door. It started slowly with rainbow bagels and fifteen dollar milkshakes. Now restaurants are on a mission to create the next big hit. I swear I saw a pizza, inside a pizza box, made out of pizza, on the internet last week. No joke.

I was perusing Instagram a while back when my eyes were glued to images of a chocolate cake, oozing some kind of white chocolate sauce. Forget the endless tagged rooftop selfies of young people partying at “Catch,” I wanted the cake. It wasn’t something I could do alone. Therefore I made a mental note of it for Seans next visit. The high School he teaches at didn’t use many snow days this year so he got a few days off. After hitting a few golf balls in Hoboken with the guys he was pooped. I insisted we go out to dinner that night. He left the planning up to me. Here was my chance to have the cake. I got us a 6:30pm reservation on open table. I prefer cabs but we hopped in an Uber and were off to the Meat Packing district.


Since it was such an early reservation the restaurant was pretty quiet. We didn’t mind at all.

The world was still in shock over the passing of music legend Prince. Not sure if it was intentional but nice to see a song tribute on their cocktail menu.


We decided to get some appetizers to leave room for dessert. We started with the summer shrimp roll with king crab, cucumber, avocado and mango salsa


Next we had Mahi Mahi in wonton taco shells and teriyaki chicken lettuce wraps. The pictures I took of each were not so cute. I need to work on my photography skills.

Whenever I see Lobster Mac & Cheese on any menu, it’s a must. We were blown away by their version with mascarpone, breadcrumbs and grated parmesan. Two thumbs up!


During our smorgasbord chow fest I couldn’t help but notice that every employee at “Catch” looked as if they stepped off a runway. There must be a supermodel height requirement to work there. I was poorly dressed in my ripped jeans and hoops. I’ll shoot for something a little classier next time.

Now it was time for the cake I had logged in my memory. The waiter threw me  for a loop when he said the s’mores pizza was his favorite. The struggle was real. I had to stick with the viral sensation that got me in the door. I told him to Hit me with his chocolate cake. That sounds kinda dirty as I’m reading it. I couldn’t wait!


I gave Sean the honor of hitting the cake. He nailed it. Nice work babe.


We demolished it.


It was the perfect ending to a sweet Saturday night out! On to the next one…..


XOXO, Annie


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