Gotan on 46th & Park.

This is a simple post. If you like a good chia bowl or acai bowl, look no further than Gotan. It’s on 46th between Park and ave of the americas. They have another location in Tribeca. It seemed as though most people go there for the coffee. I’ll have to head back to see how their barista skills are. What I can tell you is that the chia bowl was the bomb. I actually couldn’t finish it. Here’s the greatest part, it was only $7. In NYC that is unheard of, for a health food bowl. The chia was topped with berries, house made jam, lemon zest and micro basil.  If chia is not your thing they also have an assortment of health bowls, sandwiches and salads as well.






You might get away with sharing this one and splitting a scrambled cheddar biscuit. Enjoy!

XOXO, Annie



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