The Hudson Valley

The Egg’s nest.

My mom has officially gone from 5 to 3 days at work. She works at Hospice, as a bereavement counselor. She’s incredible at what she does. Having Monday and Friday off means we get more time together. She’ll be helping me with Michael those days when I go back to work.

Today we had no plan. It turned out to be a beautiful day so we just drove around. Our destination was Rosendale, NY. It’s in Ulster County. The restaurant we wanted to try was closed. We got back in the car and just drove until we saw somewhere we wanted to try.

Mom and I always have the best time that way. We drove straight to Savannah Georgia one time. Just showed up to each city and looked for vacancy.

Today we stumbled upon “The Egg’s nest” in High Falls. It was awesome. The waitress told us the decor was from the original owner who retired last year but had it since the 70’s!

It’s one of those places that pictures don’t do it justice.

Check it out.

Our table was in a cute little nook.

The fried Chicken sandwich was one of the best sandwiches I have EVER had. The best part is that all their ingredients are local.

The fried chicken sandwich consisted of:  Campanelli Poultry Farm chicken breast marinated in buttermilk & Tamara, breaded with rice flour & fried, pickled vegetables, chipotle sour cream served on Bread Alone ciabatta bread.

Mom is the one person that loves to order two things and share with me. Check out the Thanksgiving sandwich.

Sliced turkey breast with egg battered rye bread, provolone cheese, house made gravy, pear sage stuffing, cranberry sauce & hand cut fries. Except mom chose beer battered onion rings.

For dessert we got a flourless chocolate cake!!

I never see a New York egg cream on any menu so I had to get one. Brought me back to my waitressing days at “The rolling rock  cafe.” People used to order them by the dozen.

Michael was so good! He slept through the meal. When he woke up I fed him and we got no stares. In fact the waitress showed me where the changing table was. In the men’s  room!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Well it said “gentlemen” on the door but had a unisex sign. Either way I love that the option is there for Dad to change the diaper.

Other places take note!

If you’re looking for a beautiful country drive, head to high falls and get the fried chicken sandwich at the egg’s nest.


ANNIE, xoxo




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