The Hudson Valley

Samuel’s Sweet shop in Rhinebeck.

Chocolate!!! My number one craving at the moment. Met my friend Ashley in Rhinebeck for brunch. As we walked out of “Bread Alone” I saw “Samuel’s sweet shop” across the street. I’ve heard about it but have never been. It’s been in the village of Rhinebeck for decades.

According to their website:

“It began in 1994 with a dream. Ira Gutner packed his bags, left a successful career in New York City’s Garment District and moved upstate to open Samuel’s of Rhinebeck, a boutique candy and coffee shop in the heart of bucolic Dutchess County. Ira named his shop after his late Uncle Sam who introduced him as a boy to penny candy.”

Ira died suddenly in 2014. The village was afraid the shop would close. Actors Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were local fans of the shop. They and another friend were having dinner and discussing what a loss it would be for Samuel’s to close. They and their families decided to buy it. Samuel’s is still thriving.

John Traver, who began working for Ira when he was 15 still manages the shop.

The inside is small but packs a punch of nostaligia. You feel like you stepped into a candy shop of the 50’s.



If you’re in our beautiful village of Rhinebeck stroll around and check out all the locally owned shops including Samuel’s. I was hoping to see Paul, Jeffrey or Hilary. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Happy Holidays!




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