Rain signals soup at the “Pennsy.”

Rainy days in NYC are messy. Today was like a monsoon. There were waves in the street.

Waves make me think of the Ocean. The ocean makes me want seafood. Rain makes me crave soup. Put it all together and you have lobster bisque. I’ll explain how in a few. But first some background.

Millions of people travel through Penn Station everyday. One of the main contributors to the traffic, Madison Square Garden. One of the largest concert/sporting venues in the world.  If you are on your way to see the Knicks, the Rangers or maybe Billy Joel, you might want to get a bite before the show. It’s common to go to Brother Jimmy’s BBQ or Hooters in Herald square. But now we have a new option. It’s called the “Pennsy.”


Here is the entrance off 7th avenue!

It’s located on the corner of 33rd and 7th at 2 Penn Plaza. Its open 7 days a week, from 11am-11pm. And yes there is a bar! Picture a high-end culinary style cafeteria. Check out their website for more information

We recently interviewed Mario Batali and Mary Giuliani. They have a spot in Pennsy called “Mario by Mary.” To learn more about their food, check out our interview.

I’ve been a fan of Mario from watching “The Chew” and he was just as nice in person.


Today I walked through “Pennsy” craving soup. Not only was the rain coming down fierce but I didn’t have my Hunters on. Just an excuse to buy lunch. Here were the options.


As I got the end of the food bar, there it was, Lobster Bisque. Back to thoughts of summer. The only place I’ve had mind blowing lobster was in Maine. The Lobster Press gets their Lobster from Maine. Win, win.


I ordered the soup & sandwich and an Arnold Palmer. I asked if they could mix the lemonade and iced tea. Thats how you make an Arnold Palmer.



I promise to get better at videos. I feel like such a creep filming people. Something I’ll have to get used to.

I sat at the counter, so I could watch them cook while I ate. I could watch cooks all day. I regretfully didn’t get his name but a man who looked like the manager came over with some sauce. He insisted that I dip the grill cheese in it. It was their signature chili lobster sauce. He started to tell me the ingredients but I was so blown away by his kindness that I just kept saying, “Thank you!!” It’s rare to get treated that way. It was fantastic. Spicy, buttery  and thick. It literally coated every bite like a pillow case. I think I finished the sandwich in 60 seconds. Thats when I realized I overlooked what they are know for because I was so focused on soup. Next time its the Lobster sandwich and chili dipping sauce.On a side note the Lobster was to die for. I recently read an article about how some places are using lobster substitutes.

“The report found that more than a third (35%) of lobster dishes from 28 local and national restaurants contained cheap fish substitutes like whiting and pollock, and not the actual costly crustacean.”

Well I can assure you that they used real, hearty, meaty lobster. You won’t be disappointed. Just bring some cash. It came to $19. You get what you pay for though!

For their story check out


Two thumbs up for Lobster press!

XOXO, Annie


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