Emily West Village.

Sean and I are pizza fanatics. Emmy Squared has been on my list for over a year now. It’s located in Brooklyn. Just haven’t had the time to head to Brooklyn.

Then by a stroke of luck, they brought a sister location to the West Village called “Emily.”

Location: 35 Downing St, New York, NY 10014

Open daily for lunch & dinner: 

Monday-Thursday 11:30-11pm

Friday 11:30-11:30

Saturday 11:00-11:30pm

Sunday 11-11

OMG it’s soooooooo Good!!! We’re suckers for a Grandma pie. It’s like a combination of a sicilian slice and regular slice. We got a table right away. Probably because it was 4pm on a sunday.

We literally housed the curly fries in minutes. The table to the left and right of us had them too. They weren’t as savage as us.

Crowlers – curly fries, miso queso, pickled jalapeno, olives, scallions.

Now the pizza! This is the Colony – pepperoni, pickled chili, honey. Just a heads up they are $20. Enough for two though.

Next time we visit I’m going for the burger. Check this out,

EMMY BURGER- Double Stack- LaFrieda dry-aged beef, EMMY sauce, caramelized onion, American cheese, & pickles on a Tom Cat Pretzel bun  with curly fries! (pic from their Instagram)

Keep Emily in mind if you’re having a pizza craving. I can imagine they are the cure for a Sunday hangover.






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