Dole Whip from “Chikarashi” on Canal Street.

Chikarashi is known for top notch Poke bowls. I went there for the Dole whip.

I work with a wonderful girl named Sandra. She is Disney incarnated into a human. Hustler with a heart. When she went to Disney she kept snapping this Dole whip. It looked so refreshing. When she go back I said, “OMG I want to go to Disney just for that damn thing you kept eating.”

Well my prayers were answered when I saw something similar had arrived in NYC.

It’s at a place called “Chikarashi” on canal street, in Chinatown.

Last night I got a sudden craving for ice cream. I text my friend Mahrukh and we took a stroll to Chinatown.

The chef starts with a baby pineapple.

Cuts the top off, chops the insides into pieces and puts then back inside the pineapple.

It’s then topped with pineapple dole whip soft serve.

Look at this beauty.

They also have it in strawberry.

Or as a Dole whip float.

By far the best ice cream treat I have ever had in NYC to date.

Get it while it’s hot.

My girl Sandra can be heard on OWWR Fridays 11-1.

You can also check her out here,

XOXO, Annie



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