David Zwirner “Festival of Life.”

I was scrolling Instagram and saw this beautiful art gallery called “Festival of Life.” Museums might be one of my top things to explore in different cities. Art galleries depend on the style for me. This looked like something worth while. I saw Melony Torres post it on her insta-story  on Saturday. She said she waited three hours to get in but it was worth it. Today I had a few hours to kill before a meeting, so I figured why not. I asked Johnny if he wanted to come along. He had an idea to call the gallery and see if we could get an interview. We met with Hyatt Mannix. She gave us some insight into the gallery.

It’s created by artist Yayoi Kusama. She’s in her 80’s and works from her studio in Toyko. She currently has two galleries in NYC:

“Infinity Nets.”

34 East 69th Street

“Festival of Life.” 

525 & 533 West 19th Street

Both are open until December 16th. 10am-8pm.

The Festival of Life has been all the rage. There can be up to a three hour wait. But it’s FREE! That’s what makes it worth it. Hyatt suggests that one person waits on line while the other goes in and checks out the paintings. Then you swap places.

It’s in a great location. After the gallery you can take a walk on the High line. This was the line outside!

The first room is the Infinity Mirror room, “Lets survive Forver 2017.” This was the coolest room. Only downfall is they only give you one minute.

“A sense of infinity is offered through the play of reflections between circular shapes and the surrounding mirrors.”

Watch your step because I tripped over some balls and the guy wasn’t too happy. I felt terrible.

The next room is another infinity mirror room called, Longing for eternity. It’s so different. This one invites the viewer to look inside through two peep holes. Inside miniature light bulbs change colors and reveal a hexagonal pattern that is mirrored endlessly. Sooooo freaking cool. If you look close you can see Johnnys face in the upper left corner.

The last room is “With all my love for the Tulips, I pray forever. 2011”

You have to cover your feet for this room.

No idea how to pose!

If you’re in the city for the holidays definitely check this out. Hopefully the line will die down soon.










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