“Sacred Sounds Yoga” in Greenwich Village!

Two of my friends are certified Yoga instructors. They swear by it. I’ve tried a few times but Yoga never hit me the same way. That is until I tried prenatal yoga. I still feel the urge to sob  right now. Took the class about an hour ago. The release of tension was emotional and so relieving.

I’ve heard that prenatal yoga helps with childbirth. I have been so sluggish. I kept putting it off. This past week I was completely winded going up the stairs at my apartment. Then last night I got the most severe charley horse in my calf in the middle of the night. I decided, THAT’S IT I’M GOING TO YOGA.

There’s a beautiful studio off Bleecker street called “Sacred Sounds Yoga.” It’s in Greenwich village.

They are located at 163 Bleecker street, 2nd Floor between Sullivan and Thompson streets.

212-533-YOGA or

They offer prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, kids yoga, core flow, open flow, candlelit flow, tween and teen flow and many more.

I had no idea what to expect. I first met Tamara at the front desk. She was super sweet and directed me where to go. Once in the room, I met the instructor Juliana. She had the most calming voice. You set up your station with a mat, a pillow, two foam blocks and two blankets.

To start the class Juliana talked about breathing. How the throat connects all the way down through the birth canal. She talked about all the anatomy surrounding childbirth and how to focus on each. She said that pregnancy is like snowflakes. None are the same.

At one point she said something I had yet to hear anyone say, “it’s ok to be sad.”

Do you know how powerful that statement was?

Everytime I express a fear people say,  “Awwww stop you’ll be fine.”

Everytime I say I’m bummed missing my girls nights with wine people say, “really who cares you’re having a baby? ”

So dismissive.

Finally someone acknowledging that it’s ok to not be 100% happy at all times. I felt like crying right then and there.

Next we each introduced ourselves. We talked about what our bodies were feeling and what we needed to work on. I met a beautiful woman Monica. She’s around the same week as me. It was both our first time at a prenatal yoga class. It felt like a mini mama support group. It was interesting to see what each woman was feeling at different stages of pregnancy.

Then we moved into the stretching and breathing. Juliana explained every step and movement you should feel. She never made us feel rushed. Every time she said I would feel something I did. She helped me connect my heart with the babies heart. Something I hadn’t stopped to do yet. In every new position she referenced each individual need. Some had back pain so she adjusted the pose for them. One girl had the calf pain like I did so she helped us relieve it.

In regards to the charley horse Juliana suggested I drink more water. I definitely don’t drink enough. Afraid to have to pee too often. She explained that the baby takes so much nutrients that if there isn’t enough it will take from our organs and bone marrow. So interesting. I’m currently chugging water.

It was an hour and fifteen minute class that did a world of good for my body and soul. So many times I felt like crying. I’ve been holding back emotions around people. Sean doesn’t understand what I’m feeling. Nor do I expect him to. The hormones make you uber sensitive. I feel like men should take the class too. Maybe help them connect to the breathing.

All I needed was someone to listen and give advice. Juliana helped in so many ways. I walked home breathing better and feeling calm. No shortness of breath on the stairs coming home. Juliana suggested yoga twice a week and swears it will help with childbirth.

If you’re a momma to be, I highly recommend prenatal yoga. Come by and try a class at Sacred Sounds Yoga. Every Tuesday and Friday at 4:15pm and Sunday 9am. They provide the mats so you don’t have to lug yours around. Already looking forward to my next class. I’m gonna tackle this breathing!!!

ANNIE xoxo





  1. Maryellen Cantanno 13 December, 2017 at 03:49 Reply

    You know Annie….I had my 2 boys 19 and 21 years ago….I was ready at times with the first guy…Hormones,were wacky….I was working f/t…I think it was also nerves…I was 36 and 39….I kept thinking, “Can I do this?” I am a pretty traditional Catholic….I began praying the Hail Mary more. I figured, Mary want thru a lot more than me…She’s the strongest woman I know…Do you have,a miraculous medal? If not, I’ll send you one….You can wear it, put it on a bracelet, or keep in your pocketbook. ..This gave me PEACE Annie….and this 9lb 6oz baby boy was healthy…and graduating college early at the end of the month. GOD IS GOOD….and especially loves his mom, Mary…Keep smiling…you’re doing a fantastic job!!! Drink t hat water!!

  2. Danielle 16 December, 2017 at 16:14 Reply

    Hey Annie, I already had the yoga bug before I was expecting, but I was also amazed at my first prenatal yoga (in Yonkers) when everyone went around and said their due dates and which parts of their bodies are achey and sore. It really is comforting to vent and not seem like we are complaining, because I get the dismissiveness from everyone too. I really liked this post. I’m 13 weeks, so not too far behind ya! I always laugh because I listen to PLJ in the mornings, and I feel like you and I have such similar life timelines. I was planning my wedding when you were, and now we are both expecting. There’s no way you remember this, but I commented after my bridal shower on your Insta saying I basically returned everything because my apartment is so small, and you responded that you had to do the same. So I just laugh, but I really do relate to you on many levels, and I don’t at all mean this in a creepy way, but I think of you as my long lost semi famous friend lol! So best of luck with your pregnancy and feel whatever you want to feel despite the dismissive people (I was so surprised to discover that I miss wine and “going out” too). Thanks for being so funny and honest every morning! 😎 —Danielle from the Bronx

  3. Danielle 16 December, 2017 at 16:21 Reply

    (Just read your bio) And I went to college in Poughkeepsie! My girls and I loved wandering The Vanderbilt Gardens every spring. We were 20 year old drunken Marist girls by night and old ladies on Sunday mornings by day when we’d go to the Everready and then antiquing in Hyde Park. The list of connections goes on and on I swear 😂 — Danielle again

    • admin 19 December, 2017 at 11:13 Reply

      OMG Danielle we have so much of the same going on. Soul Sisters!! Congrats on your little one. Keep me posted I’d love to hear how things are going. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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