Last few weeks of pregnancy.

Wow. Just wow. You really don’t know what being pregnant feels like until you’re in the final stretch. Each week of the third trimester has had it’s unique changes. The tired I felt in the first trimester came back in week 35. Literally can’t keep my eyes open. Rather dangerous when driving two hours to work on a Monday morning. Because of that I’ve been staying in the city more.

Food. I could ravage food. I went from barely having an appetite to eating everything in sight. Only downfall is you get full right away. NO ROOM!

Now it’s time to get serious. We got a pediatrician. We painted the nursery. Well not me but Sean. That’s about it.

I’ve thought about so many things. Saving the cord blood, saving the placenta for capsules and taking birthing classes. All of which I have yet to accomplish. I feel like I’m simply enjoying having this first time experience and less is more.

I’m convinced it’s a boy still. I can’t wait to see if I’m right. This is one active baby. Moves constantly. I hear from some moms that their baby barely moved. That they would have to eat a piece of chocolate to make sure everything was ok. Not this kid. It’s like he’s having a dance party each night.

Two things I’ve found that decreased my stress of childbirth:

Having a girls weekend and getting a pre-natal massage.

The girls weekend was so therapeutic. Instead of rambling off my fears to my husband, who literally doesn’t get it, I can vent to my girls. Many of whom are moms. He just doesn’t understand when I feel nerves hit near my cervix, the intense need to pee every half an hour and the overall physical feelings of pregnancy.  Not to mention the emotional side. The anxiety of childbirth. My girls gave it to me straight and truly understood.

While we were in Philly I got a pre-natal massage. I felt knots in places I haven’t before. When she massaged my hips I felt tension release all over my body. Amazing. Every mom to be must get these.

We vegged out at Melissa’s house, caught up on life and just let go. We had dinner at a fun Cuban restaurant and dessert at Max Brenner. Not our typical girls night out. Here we were drinking hot chocolates and sharing sundaes. We walked around Philly and shared some cheesesteaks! What a great send off to Mommyhood.

I’ve always wanted to see the Rocky statue. Dad and I watched that movie so many times together.

This pose screams, “I GOT THIS.”

One thing I did accomplish that was important to me was a maternity shoot! I had booked one where we’d be out in the woods taking scenic pictures. Then I thought, it’s too much like everyone else. So I had a change of heart. The important pictures will be the baby when he or she is here. I want to document my body. It’s never made me more proud.

We got our pictures done at Classic Kids Photography on the upper east side. Lindsay May Cook was the photographer! She made me feel so comfortable. Here are some of the shots.

I’ve never loved my body more!!!!!

Well there you have it! Not much to do but wait at this point. I don’t have a birth plan. I do know I’d like to take the subway to the hospital. It’s the fastest route. Everyone is against it. We’ll see!!!

Can’t wait to update when the baby is here.






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