Babylist Registry and Hello baby box.

One of the things that stressed me out during my pregnancy was creating a registry for my baby shower. Sounds so rude given the fact that it’s about people showering you with gifts. My sister hounded me for weeks to go to specific stores and create my registry. It wasn’t that I was being ungrateful. I literally had no idea what to register for. I’m a first time Mom. What do I know. Plus going back and forth from the city to upstate, for work, killed any time I had.

My girlfriend Ashley was pregnant also. Four weeks apart from me. We became each others support system. I was on the phone with her one day explaining how I was dreading the registry because I didn’t have a clue what to register for. She said a friend had told her about Babylist. I said, “Babylist? Is that a new store?”

She replied, “No haha, it’s an online registry where everything you want to register for is all in one place. Like Pinterest.”

PINTEREST!! I’m sold.

Here’s Ashley and I.

I’m not the most tech savvy person. Other than social media and my website. At first I thought, hmm I hope I can figure it out.

O M G!!!! Literally the easiest website to figure out. I signed up, created a profile and began.

You add their button to your browser and any time you find something you like on a website, you simply click “Add to Babylist.”

You can add any item, from any store! I was able to add from my desktop and my phone.

One day I was at my dermatologist office and she mentioned that her daughter relied heavily on a Chicco Steam sterilizer. So right there in her office, I looked it up on my phone, found it on Amazon and added it to my registry.

I was scrolling Instagram and found these beautiful swings made in Nicaragua. BAM, added to my registry.

Saw a friend post a picture of her baby in a DockATot. They are Swedish. BAM, added to my registry.

Once I added what I wanted, I gave my sister my login. She added any extra essentials! She’s a mom, so she knows better what I need. You might remember I also posted on my instagram page asking for suggestions. THANK YOU again for all the comments. Between all social pages I got close to a 1000 suggestions.  It was truly helpful.

One thing I loved was that Babylist keep track of how many weeks pregnant I was. I wasn’t keeping track on my own. It was a great surprise when they would email me and say, Congrats you’re at week 36 and your baby is the size of an American G doll. Their weekly pregnancy content gives insight into what’s happening with your baby and body.

Babylist lets you know of price changes, what to expect the week you’re at and any reminders of things you need to get done. One email in particular was about getting a breast pump from my insurance. Saw the email, called my insurance company and got a free breast pump. I can tell you any time I emailed Babylist I got a reply right away! They were super helpful and so sweet. This is just an example of my email updates.

My friends and family are all on the go. Working full time and raising families. They don’t have time to run to specific stores to get a gift. They all said they appreciated that they could see my entire registry online and order it right then and there. It was also nice because some of the bigger sized gifts were sent to my house. Less to pack up the day of the shower. Also if you see something you want to buy but need to wait for payday, you can reserve it and buy it later.

Some other notables:

-You can add gifts like home cooked meals, babysitting help, second-hand baby clothes or help walking your dog.  

-You can create cash funds for anything you’d like (diapers, college, parental leave, the minivan, etc.). Babylist transfers the money straight to your bank account.  

-Already created a registry? You can easily combine them with your Babylist registry.

-Babylist has free personal registry consulting.

-Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Babylist

-A one-time 10% discount for the remaining items on a Babylist registry that can be used on the products sold in the Babylist store before baby arrives.

Need I say more.

After my shower I received a free Hello Baby Box that was full of product samples and offers from trusted brands. It was such a nice surprise. I had Michael Patrick early so my mail had accumulated. It was a nice gift to receive upon coming home.

“Parenthood is a trip.” Couldn’t be more true!!! haha

There were all kinds of coupons and discounts. The Hello Baby Box is a limited time offer and the products do change monthly. New parents can qualify to receive the welcome gift upon setting up their registry with Babylist. What’s great is that if you use a sample and like it, you can then buy it in bulk.The value of the Hello Baby Box is up to $160 and is available to US residents only. So awesome!!

Check out my Hello baby box:

My shower couldn’t have been more beautiful. Thank you to my Mom and sister Amanda.

At the shower everyone raved about how convenient Babylist was. Even my family that’s old school loved it.

Check out all these generous gifts.

If you’re expecting it know someone who is spread the word. Do yourself a favor, avoid the trip to the store and sign up for Babylist. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

Head over to Babylist to get your registry started today and qualify for your free Hello Baby Box!

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