Camping with Tentrr.

I have been trying to go camping for awhile. Sean and I used to go when we first started dating. Could never find the time. I tried convincing the girls to go but only a few were having it.

Back in the spring I came across an article called “Glamping.” I posted it to Sean’s facebook as a “hint hint.” Our anniversary is next weekend and I couldn’t get off Columbus Day. Staying local was key. For times sake. Sean mentioned the site I posted and I decided to look into it.

We don’t own a tent or most camping equipment so “glamping” was ideal. 

It’s a site called 

It’s exactly like AirBNB but with tents. I love AirBNB. Used it in Iceland and locally. Always have great experiences. This site seemed to be the same.

Tentrr teams up with property owners all over the northeast. If not for a long drive we totally would have done one in Maine.

On each site they set up the canvas tent, stone fire pit, two Adirondack chairs, camping toilet,  dry food storage bin, queen-size cot, picnic table, five gallon water container and metal grill. The best part is that they are pet friendly.

I found a beautiful site with great reviews in Stamford, NY. It’s about 4 hours from NYC. Took us two hours from Poughkeepsie.

All I had to do was plug in my personal info, credit card and a brief paragraph about why we were camping.

Once reviewed by the owner, we got approval.

Don was in constant communication. We stocked up on food, firewood, bug spray and blankets. On the way there we had no idea what to expect. 

We pulled into the driveway of a farmhouse. Don was there to greet us. He had a golf cart with a trailer attached. You need 4WD to make it up the hill. He was ready to bring our stuff up. Sean has all wheel drive so we were good to go. 

We followed him up a massive hill to the top of the mountain. 

Here was our site. 

How adorable is the inside? Not all sites provide the sheets, pillows and a stove. I thought we had to bring all that but we got lucky on the site we picked.


Don got our first fire going. Friday night was beautiful. We cooked burgers and s’mores while enjoying the sunset. 

Overnight it started to downpour at 3am and never stopped. We made coffee on the stovetop inside the tent and hung out. 

Sean tried to dry his socks and learned quickly not to use the stovetop. LOL

We walked the trails in the rain. Coop was LOVING it. 

Sean made use of the rope swing. 

They provide a tarp and camp shower. It was too cold to use it.

Here’s the toilet. Inside there is a seat over a bucket. You go in the bucket and throw the bag out.

When I checked the weather Friday there was a few showers in the forecast. The rain NEVER stopped.

It was 42 degrees with the real feel of 34 degrees. Lets just say it became miserable. Coop was shivering, we used up all our wood and there was a frost advisory for Saturday night. We tried making the best of it all day.

As it got to about 6pm we realized our best bet was to head home. We’d freeze with not having enough firewood. Not to mention pneumonia was not an option. We were so so so sad to leave.

We had an amazing time otherwise and will be back. It was the perfect setup, most peaceful views and superb location. Nothing you can do about weather. We also found some cool tikis and other campsites we hope to try. 

Sean was so sweet. He kept that fire going all day Saturday. 

This was the view on the way down.

If you’re looking for a camping experience made easy check out Tentrr. It cost us $100 a night. With a $30 fee. You can add on extra firewood for a fee. We just bought some on the way. There was a TOPS in town that had some. Our site just happened to have a cell tower across the mountains. I’m not sure many will have that. Also if you bring your pet keep them close. The coyotes howled all night. Don also told us to keep our food in the car. Away from bears. 

Happy Glamping!!







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