Bash Bish Falls in Massachusetts.

My friend Alicia always mentions her favorite spot called Bash Bish. Some call it Bish Bash.

It’s been on my to-do list for awhile. My friend Tricia went last weekend and posted tons of pictures. She hiked it with her husband and three kids. One an infant. Badass momma. I text her for more info. She said it was beautiful and super easy to get to.

It was a long work week and both Sean and I had to work Saturday. I got home from NYC Saturday night and I could tell Coop missed us. I wanted to do a big hike this morning but with Coop being a senior doggie, I have to pick easy spots. It seemed like the day to try bash bash.

From Poughkeepsie it took little over an hour. You cross the border into Massachusetts and within a few miles you’re there.

If you pull into the first “overflow” parking lot there is a flat pathway to the falls.

If you go about a mile up the hill, there is another lot. From there you hike down about 15-20 minutes.

Look for this sign.

We stopped at Country Corners deli in Pleasant Valley for some sandwiches. We wanted to stay and have lunch there.

We passed a deli not far from the park, so you definitely have options for food.

I highly recommend bringing your pet and a packed lunch.

As you get to the bottom of the hill you hear the waterfall. It was sooooo peaceful.

To the right there are more rocks you can climb to see the stream.

Cooper took a dip and a drink of the water.



There are a few picnic benches that you can have your lunch at, several porta potties and lots of places to sit. Swimming is prohibited but we did see one guy strip down to his boxers and jump in.

Definitely check out Bash Bish before the cold weather sneaks up on us. I can promise you the ride through Columbia County is absolutely stunning. Farm after farm. Field after field.


XOXO, Annie


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