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Hi All,

Welcome to my Blog! If you’ve made it this far, thank you. The idea of starting a blog has been weighing on my mind for some time. I decided to give it a go after much discussion with my loved ones over the holidays. I’ve spent hours researching and educating myself about this phenomenon. Against my late father’s advice and in his Manhattan accent, “Neva, neva, neva let ’em know what you’re thinking.” I did the opposite and told many people. After being asked what’s taking so long, I decided it’s time to kick it into high gear. Thank you for all your advice. You’re a superstar.

I don’t have a specific skill or talent that will be the focus of my blog. It will be an overall lifestyle driven destination. I currently live in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley. Having the best of both worlds, guarantees a plethora of stories, trends, foodie finds, and drama.

I work in radio, enjoy cooking, make my family and friends my priority, and most importantly, I am controlled by my eight pound Yorkie named Cooper Francis. You can check out my Hollywood and headline reports weekday mornings 6-10am on  This month marks ten years on the airwaves. The journey up the ladder was NOT an easy one. And is still a work in progress. But that’s a story for another day, or two, or three.  I also worked in television for three years, but found that radio is my one true love. I worked in the service industry for twelve years and miss it all the time. I’ve taken wine courses at , flower making classes, commercial acting courses and currently contemplating my next venture. Feel free to share ideas!

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I’ll be dedicating future posts to important people in my life. One in particular, my boyfriend Sean. After eight years together, he finally made an honest woman out of me. After I titled my blog Simply Old-Fashioned, I later realized that it’s not so old-fashioned to be living in sin before marriage. And trust me, I know my father is rolling in his grave. But our relationship journey is also a story for another day.

I’m planning a wedding and have a feeling the process will be a major part of what I share. Below are the key factors in my life:



My Nephew & Godson Landon


My Family!



Cooper Francis



My Love, Sean!



Some of the Ladies! Missing a few.



Many drink recipes to share in the future.  (Holiday Moscow Mule)



Lunch, brunch, anytime tart. Butternut squash, kale and Dubliner cheese.

This is just a taste! So much more to come. I look forward to sharing my life with you. Thanks for stopping by.

-XOXO, Annie



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