Weekend trip to the Berkshires.

This past weekend I took Sean to the Berkshires for a weekend getaway for his birthday! If you’re a foodie that loves to stay in a cozy B&B this is for you.

We needed a weekend of rest and relaxation. At first I wanted to book a ski day or something adventurous. We both tried to ski for the first time two years ago in Vermont and failed miserably. Sean looked like a new born baby deer learning to walk, on skis. Then I thought about Boston. That was the first trip we ever took together nine years ago. I felt like a city might not be as relaxing.

A few years ago his mom told us about a cousin of hers that was drafted into the MLB underage. He has an interesting story,

Supposedly he was the inspiration behind a Norman Rockwell painting called “The Rookie.” I thought it would be nice to book a weekend around visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum. Who knows,  maybe we’d see the painting. After researching places on Airbnb I settled on a B&B instead. The AirBnB rentals were mostly in the woods. I wanted us to be near the shops and food.

The one I chose was “The Stockbridge Country Inn.”

The home was built in 1856. Diane and her husband bought it over 30 years ago and turned it into a B&B. They are the sweetest couple. Diane was super helpful in suggesting places to eat. When you first pull in you see the barn.

As you go up the driveway you see a pool to the left. I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the summer.

I was so excited to see the firewood lined up outside. I wish I had a fireplace at home. Knowing there would be one in our room was a treat.

Here’s a look at the inside.



With the cost of the room comes a complimentary farm to table breakfast. This was the best seat in the house for breakfast. Unfortunately we got up too late to make it to that darn table!! I had table envy. LOL

The long table was just as nice though.

When we got there Friday night you could smell the muffins baking. They offer you coffee and a pastry first.

Then a big helping of fruit. I took a few bites of the pineapple before I took the picture.

After breakfast we hopped in the car to go the the Norman Rockwell museum. It was only a few miles down the road.

This painting struck me in particular. Maybe because we just got married. This couple is applying for their marriage license. The geranium in the window speaks to the future relationship blooming. The clerk lost his wife of many years. The look on his face says a lot. He’s either sad or annoyed. Annoyed because it was a Saturday, close to 5pm and he just wants to go home. Or sad because he’s thinking of his wife.

This painting couldn’t be more relevant to today!! <3

Unfortunately we didn’t see “The Rookie.” Turns out it was sold for millions to a private seller. There is another Norman R. museum in Vermont. You have to stop in the gift shop. I have this funny thing where I ave to buy something from the gift shops at museums. I got the cutest cookbook and some postcards.

I won’t share anymore of the paintings. Don’t want to take away from it for you! One of his studios that was a reconstructed barn is on the property. It was closed for the winter but hopefully you get to go inside when you go.

We decided to drive 25 miles to check out “Big Elm Brewery.” I’m a big fan of stout beer and Sean loves lagers. They had some great names for their beers. Fat boy, Dead of winter, Gerry dog stout and thunder lips.

We couldn’t decide on one so we go 3 flights which covered all the beers.

The Gerry Dog stout was the best!! We bought some of the gerry dog and lager!

Right down the street was “Berkshire Distillery.” They have the #1 craft gin in the country. We did a tour for $10. Soooooo worth it. We learned so much and got free tastings. All the products are handcrafted in small batches.  I won’t tell you too much so you have something to look forward to.

Since it was his birthday I was the DD and told Sean to kick back the shots. After we left the distillery we headed back near the B&B. On the main street in Stockbridge there is a great place called “The Red Lion Inn.” It dates back to the 1800’s. I had been there once before. One the first anniversary of my Dads passing my Mom asked us all to go there for lunch. Her and Dad loved it there.

There’s a fancy dining room, the tavern and the den. The food is amazing. Total comfort food. We had burgers, shepards pie and carved turkey with a side of Guinness.

Solid Old-Fashioned too!!!!

It’s a short trip from NYC and an even shorter trip from the hudson valley. Take a break and enjoy the Berkshires. Next time we’re going snow tubing!!

Here are the links to the places we went and how much they cost:

Stockbridge Country Inn, $250 a night

Big Elm Brewery, $10 for a 12 flight beer tasting. Bring food. Guests brought all their own snacks.

Berkshire Mountain Distillers, $10 for a tour with free tasting. Definitely try the rum, bourbon and gin.

Red Lion Inn

We waited in line to try Baba Louie’s on our way back from the Distillery. No luck. Definitely going back for it.

You can plan your weekend around live music at Tanglewood

Nejamie’s is the jackpot of picnic necessities.

xoxo, Annie







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