Wedding Morning!

Where do I even begin with our wedding day journey! There is nothing more gratifying than to hear that your wedding was one of the best. I’m going to share our day in several different posts. Too much to squeeze into one. First thing I’ll put out there, we went way over budget. I used up my savings, took out a $25,000 loan and my Mom paid for half. Whatever you think your budget will be add a few thousand to it. My friend Lindsey told me that and she was so right.

The photos are done by Allyse Pulliam.

We were married on October 8th, 2016. Since our reception was in Staatsburg, I booked our hotel in the village of Rhinebeck. There is this cute, quaint inn called, “Beekman Arms.” It’s the oldest Inn in America. It was tricky because it’s a two night minimum during the peak fall season. People ended up booking several different places. It was a little pricey.

The boys got ready at Sean’s childhood home.

This is Seans best man and best friend John.

Look at those studs.

Sean has had the same group of friends since he was a kid. They truly are a ride or die man squad. From the left there’s John, DJ, Sean, Dan and Jordan.

Sean and his brother Chris.

Someone needed that liquid courage.

I insisted Sean ride on a school bus to the church,  since he’s a teacher. It was awesome. We booked them through Having them for the whole day was a little over $500. Don’t forget to tip your driver.

Can’t forget my most favorite little man, my nephew Landon. He was our ring bearer.

This was first thing in the morning. My cousin Sarah stayed over with me. It was the best comfort. We woke up at 7am and drove to Mills. I had to drop off the menus. It was so still and so quiet. We shared a very special moment. We were talking about our Grandmother and reminiscing. Out of nowhere we heard this loud smashing sound. Waves crashing against the shore. We ran to the edge of the hill and there was in fact waves. This is the Hudson River, not an ocean. We frantically searched to see if there were boats that passed. Not one single boat in sight. We looked at each other, smiled and hopped in the car. It’s a moment we’ll never forget.

We stopped at Hannaford on the way back to grab some yogurt. To our surprise there was a Starbucks inside. While waiting in line an elderly gentleman asked what we were up to. When I said I was getting married, he bought our coffee. It was so sweet.

I literally still wear my “Kate Spade,” “Mrs.” Robe. It’s so cozy. I got it at Macy’s and used my 20% off coupon. Those are my cousin Liz’s silver flats. I swear if I didn’t have Liz and Sarah I would have been a wreck.

After downing some coffee we walked to the beauty bar across the street.

Meg and her team were dynamite! I called her earlier in the year and inquired about getting hair and makeup done for 12 plus. She couldn’t have been more accommodating. She offered to close the salon for us or come to the hotel room. Thankfully I chose the salon. She had pastries and champagne when we arrived. I’ve never had my makeup more flawless. I went to see her two days earlier for a spray tan. If you get your makeup done there definitely get the airbrush makeup. Bomb.


My beautiful sister Amanda! She was my matron of honor.

My mother-in-law Nancy got ready with us.

And my Momma.

My girl Stephanie checking out her makeup.

My maid of honor, Melissa.

My beautiful flower girls Ella, Colette and Ryann. The night before I gave the girls a necklace of the fairy God mothers magic wand. The one from “Cinderella.” One of my most memorable moments of the day was singing Beyonces “Who Run the World” with them on the bus to the church. I told them to never forget who runs the world. They sang it at the top of their lungs. When it came on at the reception we chanted it together. Love them so much.

Thank you to my cousin Kelley for allowing her girls to be a part of our day. I know it’s a big commitment and I’m so grateful. Same goes to my cousin Elizabeth who’s daughter is Colette. They all had to travel from Long Island and south jersey.






Here are some of the bridesmaids. My sister-in-law Eileen is third from the left.

I got them each a black silk robe at Macy’s. I made gift bags to give them at the rehearsal dinner. The robes were one of the gifts. They were made by “Thalia.” They were each $34!

At Macy’s I found the most beautiful Charter Club pearl cuff earrings and bracelets to give the girls.



My cousin Sarah did my hair. She used to do my hair when we were kids. She called me when I got engaged and asked to do my hair. She’s the only one I imagined doing it. It made me so happy and even more excited. If there was one thing I was most concerned with for my wedding day, it was my hair.  She’s the best hairdresser on the planet. Meg was super cool about it too and told me that my cousin was more then welcome to do my hair in the beauty bar.

I have one major regret from the morning of. I got Sean the most beautiful card and a bottle of red wine from 2008. The year we started dating. In the mix of all the chaos I left it at home. There was no time to retrieve it. Sean surprised me with a dozen beautiful roses and the most incredible card. He spilled more emotion into the card then I’ve ever heard from him. I cried so hard I messed my makeup up. That’s when it hit me that I forgot to send him his card. I’m pretty sure I let him down, not hearing from me that morning. Still feel bad about it.I will say I did all the wedding planning myself so my brain was scattered.


After we left the salon I noticed a yard sale. No reason you can’t take a few seconds to shift your focus. I needed the mental break!!

When I booked the hotel room I told them we were the bride and groom. The receptionist said that room #99 was the nicest. I beg to differ. As we walked back from the salon I looked over and saw my sister-in-law Eileen walk into this room. WHAT?? Stunning.

I was like wait just a second, that blows our room away. Not to mention there was a common room that made a perfect place to get ready. I asked if she minded us crashing. She was like of course. My cousin Elizabeth and I ran to my room to gather all my stuff and walk it over to this room. It was pretty funny.


My girl Melissa B. got me this adorable hanger.

Badgley Mischka heels were a must. I found them at Lord & Taylor. Again I was able to use my 20% offcoupon on them. They came out to $209. Totally worth every penny. I wore them all night.

Givenchy drop earrings. These never made it onto my ear. Too much rushing around.

Something blue.


Something new!! Having this special day with my Mom makes my heart full. She got me an incredible gift for something new. A beautiful pin containing a picture of my Dad. He passed away in 2010. She knew this was one of the best but hardest days of my life. She’s so thoughtful. It was nice to know that he’d be at my back the whole day.


Sooooo my dress!!! What a complete and utter disaster. This version of it did the job but was terrible. I have an entire post about it to write in the future. The new cheap fabric they used was transparent. Well since we were running late all I could scream out was ” I NEED NIPPLE COVERS.” Colette had a pair but they were shaped like flowers. They made my nipples the size of a deli cut of salami. Alicia came in for backup. I don’t know where she found white tape but she did. We laughed so hard. From playing in the neighborhood to taping my nipples. That’s what friends are for.

The best reaction any bride could want.



Off to the church we go………….

Photographer: Allyse Pulliam

Second Shooter: Haven’t posted her pics yet. Will do separately.

Margaret Strange

Hair: Sarah E. Hardin,

Makeup/Spray Tan: $250

Dress: $1800. Will not plug the designer. It was a horrendous experience.

Veil: Pronovias in NYC, $600

Hotel: Beekman Arms Inn, $250 a night.

Shoes: Badgley Mischka, $220 with Lord & Taylor coupon

Flower Girl dresses: Burlington Coat Factory, $25 each. (Thank you Mom)

“Mrs.” robe: Macy’s $50

Bridesmaids Robes: Macy’s $36 each, Thalia Black Silk Robe

Cool Sculpting:

I have to thank Dr. Colin Failey and Jessica from the Peer Group in Florham Park, NJ. I had a non-invasive procedure done to fix those annoying rolls on back. The ones that form from wearing a bra for so long. It’s called coolsculpting. I was literally in and out on my lunch break. The results were amazing!!!!

Earrings: Givenchy $80, Macy’s

Bridesmaids earrings: Charter Club, Macy’s

Tuxedos: Hugo Boss, Macy’s















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