Third trimester.

Hello third trimester. My how things change week to week. Let me start with the kicking. It has gone from a flutter to a hand through the gut. It’s the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. Makes it real. There is a spot to the left of my belly button that baby seems to love. It’s the one spot he or she stretches out through. My belly button has been so sore from the stretching. I have been using coco butter like it’s my best friend.

Since my last post I was able to ask my doctor about the intimacy issue. It’s not a lack of trying. It’s like my body won’t let me get the big O. Turns out it usually happens while breastfeeding. She attributed it to hormones.

I was at my prenatal yoga class the other day and a girl next to me said she had just been cleared of placenta previa. Julianna the instructor then said, “when you have placenta previa say goodbye to the orgasm.”

Ahhhhh my mind was blown. How had my doctor not mentioned that? After my first ultrasound back in August my doctor said my placenta had not moved and was hovering over my cervix. She said we would have to keep an eye on it. Well I guess we both forgot and I just went for an ultra sound to see if it has moved up. I get the results this week. Could it be connected?? I’ll have to wait and see.

I made it most of the pregnancy without the non-stop peeing. Well those days are gone. It’s literally every half an hour. So crazy!

The glucose test was something no one ever mentioned to me. They test your blood sugar to rule out gestational diabetes. I failed the first test but passed the three hour test. That sucked. Four draws of blood and three hours in the waiting room. I’m glad I failed the first test though. In the second trimester I was eating horrible. Bread, fries and ice cream. Not my typical diet but I was getting intense cravings. The thought of gestational diabetes scared the shit out of me. I’m back on clean eating. Never felt better.

I had the ultra sound to check the placenta and the ultra sound tech gave me a picture of the baby. She saw that I hadn’t seen him or her since September. I LOVE this one because of the flexing. I always swore I would never share an ultra sound picture. After seeing it I just had to.

She then showed me a 3D image. I lost it. Cried the happiest tears I’ve ever cried. It was the actual face. An almost fully developed face. I’m convinced it’s a boy now. Looks just like Sean!!!! I was so disappointed Sean wasn’t there. I didn’t know I’d get to see that, so I told him no need to come along. He’ll have his turn next time.

Did your partner go to every appointment? I haven’t asked him to because not much happens.

Maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem like it’s real to him yet. Sean does anything I ask but hasn’t had the feelings I do. It’s so hard for him to understand how magical it is when I’m feeling the kicking all day. It must be when the baby is here that they feel it.

One bit of advice to the men out there, give compliments and affection. I don’t think there was a time I felt this vulnerable. Random kisses, belly rubs, flowers or a sweet body compliment can change an entire day. I’m secretly counting down the days until Sean’s schedule slows down. Definitely feeling emotionally needy. Something I have NEVER been. We live apart all week and on the weekends he has college ball. Sometimes I think I’m anticipating that it’s never going to be just the two of us, so I’m savoring the time.

Anyway, after seeing the 3D image things got kicked into high gear. Holy crap we are eight weeks away. This weekend I got everything cleared out of the room for the baby. Next step is painting, getting furniture and getting prepared. So much to do!!! One thing I knocked off my list was taking a CPR course. Best thing I ever did. It was four hours long and worth every minute. It’s not just about CPR but allergic reactions, diabetic shock, injury and so much more.

If you’re interested reach out to CPR Dave. He’s out of white plains. He goes to NYC and the Hudson Valley.

Say goodbye to sleep and getting comfortable at night in the third trimester. My friend Jennifer gave me the pregnancy pillow and its amazing. Except when you have to pee. It has you wrapped so nicely, you don’t want to get up.

On a positive note people do notice now! Two girls give me their seat on the subway. Typically I stand. It’s a half an hour ride from work to Columbia Presbyterian. Too long to stand. I haven’t experienced the touching of the belly. It’s the heart of winter and I’m bundled up all the time. Haven’t been asked to touch it. I heard that annoys a lot of Moms.

The baby brain is REAL! Super frustrating. I’m having trouble articulating my thoughts. Hard time focusing. Hard time balancing. Yesterday I dropped Coopers water bowl on him. I felt terrible. Sean was like what the heck is wrong with you? You’re dropping shit and all over the place. OMG that stung so bad. He wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings but boy did I lose it. Went upstairs and cried into a pillow for literally five minutes. You know those cries where you just wail and then hyperventilate. I think it was a combination of seeing the 3D picture, realizing how close we are, anxiety about labor, being forgetful and not seeing Sean a lot. I think he’s super nervous too. I’m sure we’ll look back and realize we were overthinking. He did come upstairs and rub my back until I stopped crying. I think I even heard a few giggles from him. It was a pretty Oscar worthy cry. Last time he saw me do that was when Dad died. Poor guy lol.


Am I going to be able to tolerate the pain?

Will I have a traumatic birth experience like my sister?

Breastfeeding! Will it work?

Will Cooper adjust?

How will I be out of work?

I’m so thankful that Coop showers me with affection. Calms my nerves.

I know I sound like a pessimist but it’s how I truly feel. Pregnancy is so unique and so personal. It’s beautiful but it’s serious. Women have been doing it for hundreds of years.  I get that. Doesn’t make it any easier when it’s happening to you for the first time. The land of the unknown. Being independent for 35 years has given me a lot of control in my life. This experience is completely out of my control.

I wonder if it’s more fun being pregnant in the warmer months? You can wear pretty dresses. See everyone more. Winter pregnancy is pretty boring.

I can’t wait to look back on my crazy thoughts and smile. At this point I’m appreciating every moment. Just me and baby joined as one. I’ll start posting more frequently over the next couple of weeks. Until then, the countdown is on……




















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