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Think Big, A tiny house resort.

When we first got pregnant I told Sean all I wanted was a weekend away before the baby comes. I knew I wasn’t going to see him September-March because of basketball season. He teaches elementary school all day and was an assistant coach at Pace University at night. Basketball is very demanding. Practice all week and games on the weekends. Not only do we live apart all week but now I wasn’t going to see him on the weekends. Once the season ended I was four weeks from the due date. Since we were so close, we couldn’t go far. Who needs to travel far when the Hudson Valley always has something new and exciting.

I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about “Tiny Houses.”  Jamie, a producer at LiteFM posted one she went to in the fall. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I messaged her and she said she loved it. We didn’t end up where she went simply because Sean googled tiny house and found the one we stayed in. There are a few different ones. Just be sure you know the location you’re looking for.

Sean found one in Cairo, NY. In the Catskills. About an hour from Poughkeepsie.

It’s called “Think Big-A tiny house resort.”

We booked a three night stay for $650! At first I was nervous over the cost and the fact they just opened in September. I looked up their Instagram and they didn’t have many pictures. Lets just say it was worth every penny. One of the most relaxing weekends I’ve ever had.

When we checked in we met Margie. She and her family own the resort. Her Dad owned a store in Soho for decades. After closing shop they decided to start this family business. She used to work in advertising and said she doesn’t get the whole social media thing. I was both intrigued and jealous. How cool to have your own business and let that be your focus. Not looking at what others are doing online. She couldn’t have been nicer. When the storm hit Friday night she and her husband brought us books, magazines, coloring books and a DVD player. The cable had gone out for a little bit. We never lost power. Each tiny house has a generator.

A tiny house is a compact home with everything you need in one big room. These houses are placed above the Catskill creek. Each has their own patio, patio furniture, gas grill and fire pit. They do provide kayaks but it was too cold for that.

As you pull in they have a mini store where you can buy snacks, borrow snow sleds and get essentials you might have forgotten.

We stayed in the MIZU.

Inside they provided local soaps, body butter, free wifi, cable, cooking utensils and plenty of blankets. For groceries there is a Hannaford a few miles away.

We made pancakes, eggs and burgers on the grill.

When we checked in there was a bouquet of flowers on the table. Inside was the sweetest note, thanking us for having our babymoon at tinyhouse.

This is a look inside the house next to us.

Next to the houses there is a beautiful waterfall.

They do provide firewood for $5. They use the honor system. You can leave cash or use venmo.

On Saturday Sean booked me a pre-natal massage at Bodhi in Hudson! Hudson is about 20 minutes away from the resort. You can spend the afternoon walking up and down Warren street. Tons of shops and restaurants. The massage was amazing. I was so swollen. The therapist said magnesium helps with swelling. I just had to buy a bottle of it.

After the spa we stopped by “Hudson Brewing Co.” Sean heard they won an award for their coffee stout. He loved the Widows walk IPA and Pineapple cider. They were the first brewery in Hudson since prohibition.

Back near the resort, across from the Hannaford there is a place called “Dalton’s Donuts.” O M G the best donuts. You have to try the PB & J donut. They are a must.

We tested out the timer on the phone to get a picture of the three of us. Not bad.

I think Cooper had the best time! We spent three full days with him. Took him everywhere. It was such a blessing to have this time for the three of us. I’ll cherish it forever.

If you need a weekend to unplug, tiny house is the spot! From what they told us it’s only going to get better. They are adding five more tiny houses close to the river, a recreational area, hot tub and more amenities. We’ll definitely be back with the baby.

If we ever hit the lotto we’re buying a tiny house.

Make a note if you book a stay:

Get Daltons Donuts.

Order Fried Chicken and Garlic knots from The Barnwood.

Visit Hudson for the day.

Taste the beer at Hudson Brewing Co.




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