Yurt huts at The Standard in the East village!

What better way to spend super bowl Sunday then in a yurt! A yurt, according to google, is “a is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.”

A few weeks ago I saw pictures on Instagram of this cozy hut where people were drinking mulled wine and wearing fur coats.  I had dinner with my friend Gina a few weeks ago and mentioned it. Literally days later she got an evite to a gathering at the yurts. She asked if I wanted to be her plus one. I replied, “Hell yes.” I later realized it was on super bowl Sunday. I love that is was something outside the box for that day.

Thank you to Susan and Doreen who were hosting. They were so welcoming and fun. xo

The yurts are part of “The Standard hotel” in the East village. The standard has many properties. One in the meat packing district, Miami and LA.

That’s the hotel and the yurts are inside the brick wall. Sadly there is no way to take a pretty picture this time of year.

People were walking by saying “what are those?”

When you first walk in you see a setup for curling!

Then the yurts!!! They are soooooooo cozy. There is a round table set up to enjoy fondue. Fur coats if you get cold. I’ve always loved sitting at a round table. Something more intimate about it.

This was the veggie yurt. 🙂

Now the food! OMG. Apples, sausage, bread, brussel sprouts, potatoes and broccoli to dip into the cheesy fondue.

Soft pretzel with your cheese?

The best part of it all was the boozy, warm cider.

This is Gina!! We met last year and clicked right away. I think a lot has to do with our hustle and drive. Also our Italian roots. I’m so grateful she invited me to this gathering. It was fun to make new friends.

Grab your crew and reserve a yurt. You’ll fall in love with it. Better yet take a new love interest and you’ll really warm things up to the next level. Maybe for Valentines day book a hotel room at the standard and a date night in a yurt. Enjoy!

XOXO, Annie





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