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“The Mill restaurant & Bar,” in Poughkeepsie.

I grew up in the town of Lagrange, city of Poughkeepsie. When I drove to the mall, it would be down Vassar road. On the way I’d stop at the Red Barn deli. It was pretty much a dumpy deli that made banging bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. They closed years ago. It was nice to see someone rebuilt the property and opened a restaurant. I visited “The mill”  with a few girlfriends when they first opened and loved it. I found out it was the same owners as “The Ice House” in the city Poughkeepsie. They were a family I went to middle school with. Last Friday my Mom and I were supposed to attend a wine party at my friend Michele’s house. It also happened to be the 6th anniversary of my Dads passing. Last thing I wanted to do was stay home. Michele’s party was canceled so I called my Mom and said lets check out The Mill. When we got there a few hours later there was Michele and her husband Jimmy. It was there ten year wedding anniversary. Here we were two families honoring such different anniversaries. As fate had it, we ended up chatting and drinking together.

They offer great flights of craft beer. This was a picture from when I went over the winter.

mill 14

Fast forward to last Friday and we had a very different meal. As you can see the inside is very cozy. A very quiet and calm room. I took these pictures after the crowd left.

mill 3

mill 2


They added a really cute outdoor patio. I forgot to turn off my flash. As you can see that kid wasn’t too pleased. Made me chuckle.

mill 5

I know it’s not an appealing picture but the butter was so good. Infused with maple and sea salt. Or so I think.

mill 10

I had their white sangria. I love that it was in a copper cup and topped with an apricot.

mill 12

The “Mill” messy fries were the bomb. Not your typical 4am diner cheese fries. The saltiness of the cheese and bacon with the kick of jalapeño was perfect.

mill 9

Since I was going the fried route, I had to get the pretzel crusted fried chicken with mac n cheese, braised kale and honey dijon. One word YUM!

mill 8

mill 6

My friend Melissa got the Creekstone Farms Butchers Cut Steak with shallot mashed, veggies, onion rings and pink peppercorn demi.mill 7

We got dessert but we ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. It was a warm apple empanada.

The Mill is worth the visit. You can appreciate that they use local Hudson Valley ingredients. Support local.

Hope you enjoy it like we did. mill 1





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