The Capital Grille on 51st.

I’ve always wanted to do a wine and food pairing. It’s basically where a winery teams up with a restaurant and pairs their wines with chef specials. A fellow blogger by the name of Juliana Chapman invited me to join her for one at “The Capital Grille.”

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The capital grille has restaurants all over the country but this one in particular was on 51st between 6th and 7th. Once a month they host a different winery. I attended the “Plumpjack winery” wine dinner. They are located in Napa Valley. The winemaker Aaron Miller was hosting. In the beginning he gave the background of how he got into wine making. He went to medical school and found it wasn’t for him. He ended up in the wine business and never looked back. When describing the overall feeling at “Plumpjack winery,” Aaron used the words jovial, relaxed and accessible. He said their wine was all about enjoying life. I’ll make sure to visit them if I ever make it to Napa.

I apologize in advance for the dark pictures. It was a really nice intimate setting with dimmed lights. I couldn’t seem to get clear pictures. Also I was having so much fun I forgot to take a lot.

1st course was a lobster dish paired with Plumpjack reserve chardonnay 2015. The lobster was perfectly charred and buttery.

2nd course was a duck crepe paired with Plumpjack Syrah 2014. It was a last minute switch of courses. The duck was perfectly pulled. Like a duck con fit. The crepe was made of fermented red quinoa, with some shaved coconut on top. There was this green leaf that Juliana and I weren’t sure if we should eat. It’s actually a nastartium, which is an edible flower. This was my favorite dish.

3rd course was tuna paired with Plumpjack Merlot 2014. The tuna was paired with a generous portion of foie gras, fennel, rhubarb and kalamata. I’m not a big fan of olives but the saltiness of the olives flavored the tuna perfectly.

4th course was a prime sirloin paired with Plumpjack cabernet 2014. Check out the size of those shaved winter truffles. The sunchokes and cous cous were so rich and softly cooked.

5th course was a pop tart! Here’s the thing, each wine you taste is a full glass. After 4 full glasses of wine, I was buzzed and content. I forgot my camera and housed the dessert. The crew at the capital grille know how to have a good time. They popped some champagne at the end of the night. Oh look there’s the dessert plate. hahaha

Here is Chef Sunil Sharma. He was responsible for all the dishes.

On the way out there is a great big bar space. It was full of people who came for a drink after work and stayed because the atmosphere is so relaxing.

By the entrance there are these lockers full of wine. You can purchase a locker and stock it full of your favorite wine for your next visit.

I truly regret not getting a picture with Julianna and the crew. The thing was we were just having too much fun chatting. We talked about our travels and all the things we want to do in the future. I met so many great people from all over. That’s what is great about wine. It chills you out and brings strangers together. The Capital Grille carries 600 different wines. How could you go wrong with that. Each wine is selected by their wine director Vince Piazza.

I could totally see my girlfriends and I enjoying this style of dining. It would also be fun with a few of your coupled up friends. It started at 6:30 and I left at 10:30pm. Clearly I was having a great time.

The next winery they are hosting is Chimney rock on March 8th and Trinchero Winery on March 23. If you’re interested email Julianna to reserve your spot,

For what I got in wine and food it should have cost triple what they charge. Five dishes of food and five full glasses of wine.

On a sidenote the Capital Grille has a theatre menu from 4-7pm where you can order a pre-fixe meal for $39. Perfect before a show.

If there ever comes a time when you want to do something different with a group of friends this is the place. Host your own wine and food pairing or enjoy a night with your love learning about wine.


XOXO, Annie






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