Staged Shoot.

The day I started planning all I kept thinking was “how can our wedding be different?” Last thing I wanted were some basic wedding photos. I have this new found love of antique furniture lately. I researched antique rentals in the hudson valley. After making a few calls, I couldn’t find the right person. That’s when Jennifer Hart hit me up and said her friend Joanna Murphy had antique rental store. I reached out to Joanna and we set a time to meet. The name of her store is “North Country Vintage rentals.”

We made a day out of it, since it was up in Hudson, NY. I brought my Mom because she knows way more than I do about antiques. The store was lovely. I wanted to rent everything.

Joanna sat with us as we described the vision we had for the day. I knew the one thing I wanted was a vintage shoot, on a couch, in the lawn of mills mansion. You can rent the furniture and have them drop it at the location or pay an added fee to have Joanna stage it. I’m so thrilled we let Joanna set it up. It was PERFECT!

She gave us some other great ideas to add the antique feel to the day. I can’t wait to share what she did for the cocktail hour and reception.

(Pictures by:


The stage was set! Now for our pictures.

(Pictures by: )

The Fellas.

The Ladies!

Sean’s family!

My Family

All of us as one.

Poor Landon was tuckered out.

My cousin Sarah! My savior the entire day. I love you so much Sarah.

Had to have an old radio in the picture.

This was the only time we wanted to be stopped for photos so we could enjoy the rest of the night. We took a few more by the mansion.

Just before we were done I wanted to get the shot I had envisioned. I was on the couch and Sean was standing behind me. When Allyse said smile I was like “Oh No I want us to look miserable. Like in the old time photos.” She said, “Ahhhhh I see.” And BAM!


Furniture Rentals:


Bridesmaids Dresses: Jim Helm from $200

Bridesmaids Shoes: $90

Tuxes: $250


Black & White Photos-

Color Photos-

Thank you Joanna for making our pictures unique!

Cocktail and Reception on the way…….

XOXO, Annie



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