Salvation Burger.

Burgers in NYC are easy to come by! I walk past a Shake Shack everyday on my way home. Hot dogs, not so easy. Yes of course there’s always a dirty street dog, a hot dog from the grill on a summer holiday in the back yard or the hot dogs parents give kids when they cut them up into bit sized pieces. None compare to the hot dog at Salvation Burger.

Sean and I share a mutual love of food. He recently joined Instagram, so he’s bringing hot spots to my attention. Salvation Burger was one of them. It’s on 51st between 2nd and 3rd. The mission was to have their burger. I went to their website to attach it and I saw some sad news today. They had a fire at the restaurant a few days ago. Everyone got out safe. They said it’ll be a few weeks until they reopen. Best wishes and positive vibes to the crew there. Put them on your must try list and keep checking for their return. I know I will be.

Here’s some pictures from our visit.



I loved the wall of burgers.


But first some beer!


I was torn between the fish sandwich and the hot dog. Thankfully I chose the hot dog. Utterly amazing.



It had the perfect amount of smokey taste from their wood fired oven. The fresh veggies and dill on top brought all the flavors together.


The burger and fries were on point but the hot dog was the star of the show.


They had a sweet pie menu. The special that day was a caramel popcorn ice cream pie.


I have to show you both sides.


Totally worth the trip from anywhere.

XOXO, Annie



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