Saltana Cave in Connecticut.

I still remember the day I learned what himalayan salt was. I was bartending at Crave restaurant and lounge in Poughkeepsie a few years ago. They added tuna tar tar to the menu. When I went to serve it I asked why it was plated on a pink brick. It wasn’t a brick but rather a block of himalyan pink salt. That’s when the owner, Eddie Kowalski explained the health benefits of pink salt.  I replaced all my salt at home with pink salt after that conversation.

I saw an ad on Facebook over the holidays for a place called “Saltana Cave” and knew I needed to try it. Pink salt seems to be having a big year. More awareness for it. I called the spa and the owner answered. I said I would love to come check it out and see what the buzz was about. Her name was Anna Pogoda and she couldn’t have been nicer. We set a noon appointment for a Wednesday. She’s been booked up on Saturdays for months. All she instructed was that I arrive 15 minutes prior and wear white socks. I was super pumped about this visit.

I went right after the morning show. It was about an hour and twenty minutes from MSG. It’s super easy to get to. The address is, 590 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield, CT 06877.

When you first arrive all you have to do is put your shoes away and fill out a sheet. Anna has a session every hour on the hour, and theylast 45 minutes. Being on time is crucial. In the front Anna sells bath salts, edible salt and salt lamps.

I noticed the group of ladies that got there before me went right in. They knew the drill.

When she opened the door it took my breath away!!! So cool. Like stepping into an actual cave.

All you have to do is grab the nearest zero gravity chair, sit back and relax. A voice comes on and welcomes you! He describes the history and health benefits of salt caves. I never knew they originate in Pakistan and are super popular in Europe. Salt caves have been in use since the 1850’s.

Anna gives you a blanket as you enter. You’ll see that your body temperature drops a little after some time in the cave. So the cozy blanket came in handy. I only noticed my toes getting cold.

I couldn’t help but look around the cave at the other women. Each seemed to have their own unique vibe. The woman next to me looked as if she was smiling in her sleep. Could be how her face falls or because she was in pure relaxation mode. Another woman was tapping her feet to the sound of the soothing music that was playing. One lady brought an eye mask and passed right out.

As for myself it took about 30 minutes to really calm down. I was super hyper from rushing out of the city and hitting traffic. I also wanted to take it all in. Anna said it’s a different experience for everyone. Some come for the health benefit and others for a mental break. I found myself staring at the glimmering salt and thinking about life. I had no phone to distract me. You have to put them away or they get covered in salt particles. That gave me a true mental break.

Just before it ended I was just starting to doze off. I had hit that peak relaxation mode. I thought to myself is there really salt in the air. Well the cool thing was that I licked my lips and could taste the salt.

Where the fire place is there is a halo generator. It expels dry salt particles into the air during the session. I felt fantastic after. Calm, energized and clear.

Anna told me that the ladies I was in there with come once a month. It’s become a monthly tradition for them.

Saltana will be open for four years, this April 22nd. She said people come from all over to use the cave. Anna discovered it when she went to Poland with her daughter years ago. Her daughter has asthma and they tried the salt caves over a period of ten days. She said her breathing was more clear and her energy went up. Even her teachers could see a difference when she came home.

Anna decided it would be great to bring it to CT. She used to teach piano in the very same plaza that Saltana is located. She said she never imagined where she is now. Anna has a soothing energy about her. I especially love entreprenuers. She runs Saltana by herself and makes it look easy. She is constantly hosting a new session but remains cool as a cucumber. She took time out of her busy day to talk to me about her passion. These are the kind of people I love to meet. Kind, driven, smart and hard working.

Here’s a look inside.


If you want to make your appointment just call Anna at  (203) 969-4327 or email

The hours are:

Monday: closed
Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: closed

Btw they also do yoga classes in the salt cave on Tuesday!

It wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t include food.

My best friend Melissa works in Danbury! We had plans to meet for lunch after my session. She sent me a link to a place called “Market Place kitchen & Bar.” It’s a ten minute drive from Saltana. Do you love Brussel sprouts??? If so, this place had the best Brussels I have ever had.

Bam the Brussels. Roasted Brussels laid over top of fig jam surrounded by prosciutto and burrata. O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope you enjoy some salt therapy and Brussels sprouts in the future! Tell Anna I said hi.

XOXO, Annie


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