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Redwood in Kingston.

Growing up, Kingston was never the prime destination for great food. My time spent there was the annual St. Patricks day parade, Hooley on the Hudson or to visit the boys and girls club.

Lately though I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Kingston. Especially in NYC. They brought Brooklyn’s famous smorgasborg to Kingston last year. And from what I hear the real estate is affordable for a cute fixer upper. Good for Kingston. They deserve to have a renaissance like Beacon.

Anyway onto Redwood! Twice a year the girls and I take part in Hudson Valley restaurant week. This year we settled on a Sunday brunch. The last day of HV restaurant week. We always want to try somewhere new. I heard about Redwood through a woman in PR and checked out their website. It looked great. Here’s a look at some of the food we tried.

For apps:

SHISHITO PEPPERS- White miso, parmagiano reggiano, sesame.

HUDSON VALLEY CHEESE BOARD- Fig jam, smoked honey, rice crackers, grapes.

CROQUETTES-ac + cheese served with sriracha ranch dipping sauce

Here are a few of the cocktails.

WALNUT SOUR- Nocino, brandy, egg white, fresh lemon and ginger syrup.


A MUSING BEET- Sombra mezcal, roasted beet and fresh thyme shrub.


REDWOOD BURGER- Sesame bun, kinderhook beef, hand cut, kennebeck fries
bacon and redwood cheese. Minus the bun because of Lent!


EGGS BENEDICT- Canadian bacon, english mu n, poached eggs, hollandaise

KELLY’S BREAKFAST SANDWICH- Scrambled egg, cheddar, bacon, tomato, arugula, ciabatta and baby greens.

BREAKFAST RAMEN- Smoked pork, cabbage, mushroom, nori, egg, noodles

DUMPLINGS- Braised duck, ginger, cabbage, consommé.



Chocolate cake and donuts!

I reached out to Kelly in hopes that we could chat when I got there. Unfortunately that Sunday morning was the NYC half marathon and it took me over two hours to get there from NYC. I was about 40 minutes late to brunch. I missed her. I’ll be back to get better scoop on them.

I’d definitely recommend you check out Redwood next time you’re in Kingston!

XOXO, Annie


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