Morgenstern’s Coconut Ash Ice cream.

Once again perusing instagram, I stumbled upon this post from “Morgenstern’s Finest Ice cream” in NYC.

Coconut ash ice cream?? I already love coconut, so I’m curious. But ash? Now that had me intrigued.



A few months ago I found some charcoal water at Juice press. A new black drink that was supposed to be good for you. I brought it into work and we all tried it. Not much of a taste but not bad. I assumed that’s what this black ice cream was all about. Sure enough the shops owner, Nick Morgenstern said the color comes from using coconut ash, a form of activated charcoal. It’s the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell. The coconut ash is mixed with coconut flakes, coconut cream and coconut milk. If I can drink it in liquid form, I can eat it as ice cream.

According to the NY Daily News coconut ash has many health benefits,

“Activated charcoal is said to have alkaline properties that help remove toxins and clarify the body. It’s also used medically to treat alcohol poisoning, prevent hangovers, alleviate bloating and gas and even drug overdoses.”

Currently NYC is experiencing a heat wave. My apartment is on the 5th floor of an old school walk up. Anything I can do to avoid sitting in my steamy apartment, I’m in. Ice cream sounded like a good idea. Neena is our summer intern from Florida. She was just the person I’ve been waiting to meet, a foodie. After the show today we decided to check it out. Morgensterns is deep in the east village. I always get lost in the village when I take the subway. We decided to cab it.

Our timing was impeccable. We walked into an empty ice cream parlor. The only other people there was a television crew. Lauren Scala was filming a segment about new ice cream flavors. Lauren was the one who got me into Black tap to try the $15 milkshakes. She’s great! I think I overheard her say something about hot dog flavored ice cream. I’ll have to head back and check that one out.

They were filming so Neena and I ordered and went right outside.

Here are the flavors they offer: (That’s the owner Nick below)


And toppings.


I got one scoop of coconut ash and one scoop of banana agave.



Neena got salted caramel and coconut ash.




There is a beautiful mural across the street. Great spot for pictures.



We learned two crucial things.

  1. Coconut Ash melts immediately.
  2. It dyes your mouth black.Not permanently though.

Essentially it was my fault. In their defense we walked right out into the heat and took pictures. I suggest eating it right away.

Neena’s parents are in town from Florida. We bolted to a cab to meet them at Penn station. Once we got into the cab my entire scoop of coconut ash fell off the cone. Luckily I caught it with my left hand. By some grace of God the cabbie had a roll of paper towel in the front seat. Neena and I did our best to cover it up. If he saw I’m sure the fare would have gone up for cleaning expenses.


Here is a compilation of some of our snaps.

This is one summer 2016 trend you don’t want to miss. Just don’t wear white.



XOXO, Annie




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