“Maison Premiere” Oyster bar in Brooklyn.

I found my new favorite hideaway. Maison Premiere in Brooklyn. The thing that brought me there was the cocktail menu. What I walked away with was a new relationship with oysters. I tried them once at a brunch spot in Poughkeepsie. Not good. I don’t know what was worse, the look, taste or texture. It looked like a loogie on a half shell. Not a pretty mental picture I’m painting. Sorry. After my visit to Maison premiere, I am no longer afraid of the so called aphrodisiac.

My friend and roommate Lauren works in the service industry. That means she has Mondays off. It was a hot and humid Monday afternoon and we were bored in the apartment. She LOVES oysters. I knew I could convince her to hop on the steamy subway to Brooklyn for some. Once we stepped out of the subway into Williamsburg it was a peaceful change from our hectic hells kitchen neighborhood. The flowers at the corner store….


We walked several blocks until we found Maison Premiere. They had a 50 minute wait at 4:30pm. We decided to pass. We walked to the end of the block and spotted a cute open restaurant on the corner called Brasserie Whitlof. Lauren ordered a Negroni and I went for the NY sour.


Then we realized, why not wait? We had all night. I walked back over to Maison to add our names to the list. The hostess said they had a table open up and could take us immediately. I had to bargain with her for ten minutes to finish my NY sour. We chugged our drinks and headed over.

If you walk too fast and don’t look close enough you could miss the entry way to Maison.



It’s adorable. Not much to the outside. I love that it’s so plain. Brought me back to New Orleans. That unfinished plain cafe den look.  All we needed was some jazz music.



Once you walk in there is a horseshoe bar with small tables to its side.



As you walk towards the back, the sun illuminates throughout the restaurant. It’s gorgeous. We got a cute little round table underneath a window with a view of their garden oasis.


I sat with my back to the window and had a view of the oyster bar.



Here’s the outside garden.



This is the first cafe I’ve been to that has an extensive absinthe list.


I asked the waitress for their most popular cocktail. Check out the “Maison Jungle Bird.” It’s made with Hamilton Black, Cruzan Black Strap, Pineapple, Campari, and Sugar Cane.



It was Stellar.

Next up was the oyster selection. Lauren took a stab at it since she loves oysters.


It was pretty overwhelming so we asked the chef to pick us any twelve.


Here are the mouthwatering oysters.




They give you a list of the oysters, so you know what the chef selected.


I ordered the salmon crudo and the bread & butter.

DSC00317Lauren doesn’t eat bread so I literally ate the entire plate by myself. When the butter was low, they brought me a second one. I hadn’t even asked. How great is that? The bread was from Balthazar Bakery. The butter was house-made seaweed Butter. I’d go back for the bread and butter alone.


This was the first time in a long time where we left completely and utterly satisfied. The ambiance, the oysters and the eccentric cocktails made for a perfect evening.


We took a left off grand street and walked down to the Hudson to catch a glimpse of the fading sun.


I love Brooklyn for all its artistic flare but it was good to go home to our crazy hood in Hells Kitchen. Most importantly, we now have a place we can go to escape it all, feel like we’re in NOLA and laugh at the awkwardness of sucking down an oyster.

XOXO, Annie









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