Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden.

I’ve wanted to go to the New York botanical garden since I was a kid. When you live in NY your whole life, you get spoiled.You don’t rush to see all the great things NYC has to offer. Every time I’d mention going, I’d get the “Nah” response from people. I expressed my frustration on the air one morning. I do mornings on the radio, on 95.5 PLJ in NYC. After mentioning this, a phone call came into the station. It was a woman by the name of Mary. She said she worked there and would love to show me around. Now this was last spring. I never got around to planning a trip there because of the wedding planning. I was walking through the subway the other day and I saw a poster of a little boy gazing at a train. My nephew Landon is obsessed with trains. I texted my sister this picture and insisted we take him. We had a planned girls day in the city that fell through, so we got to take him this past weekend.

I decided I’d shoot Mary a quick email letting her know we were coming and that we’d love to meet her. This is Mary. She’s a retired NYPD Sergeant. She covered NYBG and the Bronx zoo during her time as an officer. She couldn’t have been more helpful. I took the subway from Hells Kitchen. It was about a 45 minute ride on the D train. If your driving, it’s exit 7W on the Bronx River parkway. During our exchange of emails she gave me her cell number in case I needed any help getting there. It’s rare to meet such trusting and genuine people. She showed us where the entrance to the train show was and all the activities for kids on the map. Thank you Mary!!!!

The NYBG celebrated 125 years in 2016. They own over 250 acres. We literally experienced a quarter of what they have to offer. We’ll be back. To plan your trip, here is their website.

When you first enter you get a video explaining how the show got its start. When you first walk in you see the conservatory. It was made of wood, bark, leaves and natural materials. You have to see it to believe it.

As you wander through you will see 150 New York landmarks made of bark. Here’s Grand Central. 

I had no idea Penn Station once resembled Grand central. It was demolished in 1964. My mom told me we should always thank Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for saving Grand Central. I had no idea. For more on that:

This is what Penn Station used to look like. So sad, it was beautiful.

Here’s a picture of Paul Busse. He’s the mastermind and artist behind the exhibit.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Landon was in Heaven. He was running from train to train frantic to see it all. Those moments were priceless. It was a great surprise to see Thomas the tank engine at one of them.

The beautiful Statue of Liberty.

The old Yankees Stadium!

I love these Manhattan apartment buildings. <3

He kept telling me how much fun he was having. As we were looking at a section of the exhibit we saw a group of young kids knock over a moving train. I thought they would let someone know but instead their parents jumped over the railing and tried to fix it. The train stopped moving and started to rev in place.

Other people notified a young man that worked there and he fixed the train. It was a great learning moment for Landon. When they say don’t touch, don’t touch.

Landon screamed “it’s Metro North.” I looked over and there it was. I take him to look at the metro north trains in Poughkeepsie. He spotted them right away.

The bridges were my absolute favorite.

Again there are over 150 landmarks. These are just a few. I didn’t want to give it all away. Your head will spin seeing them all. It’s amazing.

We were so hungry so we walked over to the Ginger Bread Cafe. Hot dogs, nachos, candy and PB & J for lunch. Man I felt like a kid again.

After lunch we walked over to the Children’s adventure garden.

Kids can make music, run through a maze and create a puppet show.

We stepped inside to see the museum. While there, we got to make a fir needle sachet.

I think the adults have the most fun at the Holiday train exhibit. It’s the chance to relive your youth. We all played in the woods as kids at some point. Creating forts, hide away’s and tools with nature. This takes that to a whole new level. It’s something for the whole family. The exhibit is open until January 16th, 2017! Also after 7pm there is an adults only bar car showing of the train exhibit. So if you don’t have kids or you can get a babysitter you can enjoy the holiday train show with a few cocktails. As they say on the website, “And in true “bar car” fashion, the evening will feature drink specials and a selection of spiked hot beverages.” How fun!!!

If your hungry after, Arthur Ave is seven minutes away!

Happy New York Holiday!!!


XOXO, Annie





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