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Hillrock Distillery in Ancram, NY.

Took me years to get Sean to like Bourbon. He’s on the whiskey and bourbon train now. He’s been talking about this brand called “Hillrock.”

It’s very pricey but worth the cost. We bought a bottle for our wedding. Unfortunately it was gone by the time we got to cocktail hour. It was supposed to be put out with dessert but went out at cocktail hour. Lets just say the party was turnt by 6pm.

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning yesterday. It’s been so long since Sean and I got out for a full day. I said “that’s it lets just pack a bag, put him in the carseat and hit the road.”

It was a little over an hour north in Ancram, New York. One of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever seen in the Hudson Valley.

We got to Hillrock distillery when they opened at 11am. Douglas gave us a tour even though they were closed for a private event.

He told us the history of the land. The land is owned by Jeff Baker. He passed it everyday and said he’d own the house one day. Turns out its a Georgian house  built by a successful grain merchant and Revolutionary War captain in 1806.

I never knew that the Hudson valley was once known as the Breadbasket of the country. With such high quality grain there were over 1000 farm distilleries that were forced to close during prohibition. (according to their website)

The over 700 acres of land are full of barley and rye. That’s when the owner teamed up with Dave Pickerell and created Hillrock Estate whiskey. Dave got a degree in chemical engineering from West Point and worked at Makers Mark for 14 years. He left MM in 2008 to be a consultant for craft distilling. Hillrock is just one of the many brands he works with.

This is the inside of the Malt house. Now I would sound like a complete idiot trying to describe the process of distilling whiskey. You have to do the tour to truly gain tremendous knowledge and insight into it.


MP had a great time experiencing the new sites and smells. I didn’t get to taste the whiskey since I was driving. I can tell you we purchased the rye. Sean said it was magnificent. I never imagined having such a fun afternoon at a distillery and not even tasting the whiskey. I felt awkward bringing the baby but Douglas said tons of people bring their kids.

If you’re looking for a quick day trip add Hillrock distillery. There are a ton of farm stands and lunch spots nearby. We took a 25 minute drive over to Hudson and got lunch after.


Annie, xoxo


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