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Blueberry Picking at Greig Farm in Red Hook.

It’s Blueberry picking season! The fam and I went to Greig Farm in Red hook. We were hoping to get some strawberries too but they were picked clean. There’s nothing like farm picked fruit. The explosion of flavor hits your taste buds and is oh so sweet.

Word to the wise, wear sneakers and a hat. You’re out in the sun and walking on dirty paths. Head more towards the back of the field. I’m sure people just don’t walk too far in. If you get there soon you’ll have your pick.

They are open seven days a week from 8am-8pm!!

After picking we stopped and got an early dinner at Savonas. Very good Italian restaurant in Red hook. Check it out in my Hudson Valley section.

We had a blast. Four quarts cost $22. Off to make some blueberry dishes.

For more on Greig Farm here’s their website,




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