Chick’n Cone on Broadway.

Back in December I made a couple of visits to the shops at Bryant Park. I came across one of the best food combinations, made easy. Forkless fried chicken and waffles.

“Chick’n Cone” makes the waffle on the spot and shapes it like a cone. They fill it with fried chicken and what sauce you choose.

The waffle cone is warm and soft but not too sweet. The chicken is just the right amount of crispy and not drowned in sauce.

I got the Yella BBQ. It was exactly like the goldrush wing sauce you get at McGillicuddys, in New Paltz.

After the new year, the shops were gone. I was sooooo sad I couldn’t get a cone anymore. That’s why I never posted about it. Hence the Christmas lights.

That was until yesterday. I ventured over to the Urban Space, in Greeley square, on Broadway. I was strolling around looking for something to eat. That’s when I saw the orange logo. THEY’RE BACK!

This time they added buffalo and blue cheese flavor. Hit the spot just like it did last year. They are now at Gansevoort market, garment district, and Coney Island. They are looking for people to join the franchise. If only I had some cash laying around, I’d buy in.

Urban space had so much more! Tacos made out of sushi, a burger with rice as the bun, mochi ice cream, stuffed garlic knots and racelette. Something for everyone.

Check out all they have

Happy Summer!!!

XOXO, Annie




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