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Blue hole in Ellenville.

A few years ago my best friend Melissa and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. Our waitress was from Ellenville. She kept telling us about a swimming hole, in Ellenville. It’s called the “blue hole.” Not sure what took us so long to check it out. I have to admit we were both impressed & disappointed.

It’s a little over an hour from Poughkeepsie. We parked in one of the parking lots a little way down the road. We thought we’d have to hike but it was steps from the lot and this sign.

I didn’t bring my bathing suit because it was a chilly day. There were plenty of people swimming. They would jump in and out. From the yells I got the idea the water was very cold. I’m sure it’s amazingly refreshing on a hot day.

Look how pretty! You can see how it got its name.

This chocolate lab was fetching a stick. So cute.

The disappointment.

The path leading to the swimming hole was littered with bottles and garbage. On the way down we passed so much more. How could people be so disrespectful of a state park? Clearly it’s been a major issue so they’ve had to place regulations on the park. The site says that they can see up to 700  people in one day there. We didn’t see many. Maybe because it was a cool day. I’ll just never understand littering. We saw a few Park Police and they were keeping an eye. Yet I didn’t see one garbage can. Maybe they can place one by the sign. It was just so sad to see. On one rock we saw socks, tags and cans.

These two pictures are just a glimpse. I hate to say it but it’s people ruining this gift.

Either way we had a fun day! The water was crystal clear and super clean. The Rondout creek flows very fast so I assume it keeps it fresh. Just a shame that people can’t clean up their shit. I’ll be back with my bathing suit and trash bag next time.

XOXO, Annie




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