Bar Primi in NOHO.

Summer isn’t over just yet! My thighs are still sticking together walking around NYC. It’s steamy, hot and humid. I’ve been seeing lots of buzz about a drink called a “Frose.” It’s frozen rose. Nothing better than a frozen drink on a hot day. Upon further investigation, I learned it was the idea of Justin Sievers, the general manager at “Bar Primi” located on the border of NoHo and the east village. He wanted to see what would happen if Rose was put into a slushie machine. I couldn’t seem to get to bar Primi all summer so I decided we’d try to make it ourselves on vacation last week. It was an epic fail.

We froze the rose overnight in ice cube trays. We then blended the frozen rose with vodka and strawberries.





It was decent. It tasted like a frozen strawberry daiquiri. Definitely not the frose I was seeing pictures of. I’ll admit we failed on this one. Now I had to try the original. Lauren and I hopped on the subway yesterday and decided we’d hit it up for happy hour. It’s right on the corner of Bowery and E 2nd street.


We decided to sit at the bar and have a quick one. The bartender walked over and said, “let me guess frose?” I felt bad that he must be getting non-stop orders so I decided to pick something different. I had the “diamante.” It’s vodka, aperol, passion fruit, prosecco and lemon. It was super refreshing.


As the droves of people flooded in for happy hour, it was frose after frose. They had to keep refreshing the slushie machine to keep up with the demand.


They had four machines. Oh the power of social media.


After smelling the pasta that was wafting past us I got hungry. We grabbed a table outside since we wanted to stay and try the food.



It was so beautiful out. The moment felt right to give this trendy drink a try. The Frose is sicilian rose, rosato vermouth and strawberry. It was smooth, light and subtly sweet. I was super impressed. Literally nothing bad I can say about the taste. It lived up to the hype. My only hang up, NOT ENOUGH. For $14,  it should take more than four sips to finish it.

I think I found the bigger star of Bar Primi though, the ricotta crostino. It’s ricotta, hazelnuts, truffle honey, rosemary and sea salt on top of bread. INSANE. I’d go back everyday for one.


One more look at this beauty…


Bar Primi is a pasta shop that uses “a variety of non-GMO semolina and specialty ‘00’ flours, organic eggs and family recipes,” according to their website. Here’s the spinach cavatelli with white veal bolognese topped with piave cheese.


Dang it their food is killer.

Everywhere we go Lauren gets a kale salad. We’ve seen some pretty boring kale salads on our stops. She loved this one. She said the egg and pignolis on top made it. DSC00606

She gave the frose two thumbs up.


Here’s their website if you want to check out the menu.

We don’t have a slushie machine in our apartment but I’m going to perfect the at home recipe for the frose and get back to you.


Happy Friyay! XOXO, Annie




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